If you are experiencing any technical difficulty or need to speak with the Customer Connectivity Services Department regarding registering for the NPAC, please contact us at or (571) 434-5434. We are available to assist you Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Eastern Time, company holidays excluded.


  1. What is LNP (Local Number Portability)?
  2. What is the NPAC (Number Portability Administration Center)?
  3. What is an NPAC SPID (Service Provider Identification Number)?
  4. How do I get a SPID in the NPAC?
  5. How long will it take to become a registered User of the NPAC?
  6. What is an NPAC User?
  7. I have submitted my NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), now what?
  8. Where are NPAC charges listed?
  9. Are there any charges involved in completing the new customer application process?
  10. I made a mistake on the NDA and clicked Submit, what should I do?
  11. Technical difficulty.


  1. Local number portability (LNP) allows consumers to change service providers while retaining their phone numbers.
  2. The NPAC receives routing information from a service provider for a number that is about to be ported, then broadcasts this information to the other service providers when informed the port has occurred. The NPAC does this for all carriers in the U.S. and Canada. NeuStar, Inc., as a neutral, trusted third party administrator, was selected to administer the NPAC.
  3. A NPAC SPID is the OCN of a service provider. This is a unique four character alphanumeric value. Shown for the owner of each ported number record in the NPAC. A secondary SPID, called the “alternative SPID,” also may be associated with a ported number record. This alternative SPID value may not be an OCN, but instead may be drawn from the series X000 to X999.
  4. To get a SPID in the NPAC you must first complete the New Customer Registration Process detailed on the home page of this website. Upon successful completion, your company will be assigned a SPID in the NPAC.
  5. The time it takes to register can vary greatly and relies on the time it takes to complete the steps involved in the registration process. Please review the process shown on the home page for a listing of the steps involved.
  6. An NPAC User is an entity that has been authorized to receive NPAC data. Not all NPAC Users interact directly with the NPAC, however, and may instead receive NPAC data from Service Bureaus.
  7. Once your NDA has been processed an e-mail will be sent with a User ID and Password that allow you to access your account on the NPAC Customer Center to complete the New User Application.
  8. information will be provided to you once we have a valid NDA on file.
  9. No charges result from the New Customer Application Process.
  10. Do not submit a new NDA. Contact Customer Connectivity Services to discuss the next steps.
  11. Please ensure that the browser you are using is Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox when submitting your documentation to avoid any compatibility issues.

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